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Centre of Excellence in Ayurved for Geriatric Health Care,
     Rajiv Gandhi Government Post Graduate Ayurvedic College,    
           Paprola Dist. Kangra H.P.                                                                        
  • “JARA” is a state of becoming Ksheen (Debilitated) physically, physiologically and psychologically weak as a result of old age usually after 65 years.The word Geriatrics is also derived from Latin word “Geras”means “To Grow Old”.Aging is a slow process that refers to the impact of passage of time on structure and function of different systems of body. 
  •  World population of the elderly is increasing and by the year 2050 adult older than 65 years will comprise 1/5th of the global population. In India 3.8 % population are older than 65 years of age. It is estimated that the likely number of old age people of India by 2016 will be around 113 Million. Numerically the highest number of the old people will be in India. 
  •  The elderly population of the Himachal Pradesh is second in the country after Kerala and it is estimated that by 2016, it will be around 11.5 %. 
  • Taking in to consideration the above facts that the increasing population of the elderly in H.P. Govt. submitted the project to the Govt. of India to improve the   GERIATRIC HEALTH CARE through Ayurveda. 
  • The Govt. of India has approved the Project “REGIONAL CENTRE OF EXCELLANCE IN AYURVEDA FOR GERIATRIC HEALTH CARE” through the Rogi Kalyan Samiti of Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital Paprola. The total cost of the proposal is Rs.5 Crore. 
  • The Govt. of India has released Rs. 2 Crore for the project. 
  • The land for the construction of building for the above project has been taken over by the College Authorities on 06-09-2010 from the SDM cum Land Acquisition Officer, Baijnath. The land has been acquired from the private land owners after giving them compensation by the H.P.Govt. The total land acquired is 1-27-45 Hectare and the H.P.Govt. has approved Rs.67,40,499.00 for the acquisition of land.  The capital work will be executed by the HIMUDA. 

The following is the future plan for the project:-

  • ROTP/CME/ certificate programmes will be organized.
  • The documentation of  patients will be done to generate data on efficiency of Ayurveda Treatment in Geriatric Care.
  • Workshop and conferences will be organized on Geriatric Health Care.
  • Geriatric Care Treatment Camp will be organized.
  • Centre for Geriatric Panchkarma on Scientific lines will be established and 80% bed occupancy will be ensured.