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Regional Centre of Excellence of Excellence in Ayurved for Geriatric Health Care is a project run by Govt. of Himachal Pradesh under the Guidelines and Support of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. It was established and inaugurated by Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh at Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Post Graduate Ayurvedic College and Hospital Paprola on dated 14th February 2011.

Since its establishment it is fulfilling the various objects mentioned under this project.


  1. To educate the Panchayats, NGOs, Anganwari Centers, Social organizations and departments of Govt. administration about the goals of this project and training of Health workers
  2. To create awareness about the diseases and problems being faced by senior citizens through sensitization programs.
  3. To diagnose and treat the senior citizens living in rural areas through medical camps.
  4. To create awareness on the need of addressing the different aspects of ageing and providing counseling.
  5. To carry forward Research Projects in different diseases of Elderly peoples like Alzheimer’s disease, Paralysis, Insomnia and Parkinsonism.
  6. To provide free Panchkarm treatment and medicines to the Elderly peoples.
  7. To provide IEC material to spread awareness about prevention and treatment of diseases of Elderly.
  8. To start specialized Geriatric OPD.

Need of Project:

Increase in life expectancy is a result of the decline in infectious diseases like diarrheal diseases, malaria and availability of newer medicines, improved Health Care, Improved sanitation and eradication of diseases like small pox etc. which leads to the increasing population of senior citizens.

The demographic data shows that the Indian aged population is currently second largest in the world. The absolute number of peoples of 65 years and older in India will increase to 137 million by 2021 and by 2050 it will be 240 million.